When trying to decide what kind of wedding favor you should give your guests, something you should consider is if they will actually use them. It would be a huge waste if you spent all that money to know your quests just threw it away 1 week after the wedding. For some tips on choosing your wedding favors, read our article called Choosing your wedding Favors.

Here are some wedding favor suggestions that will make your guests think twice about chucking them away.

Flip Flops

wedding favours  Wedding Favours Flip flops

these make the perfect favor; they come in handy. The ladies can kick off their heels and men can take off their tight shoes to dance the night away.


Wedding favours

These are so cute- Guests can display these on their office desks or at home. having them in a teeny container will ensure that they do not take up plenty of space


wedding favours

Your guests will keep these long after the wedding


wedding favours               wedding favours

Mini bottles of liquor can make really cute favors- just package them up right.


Wedding favours         wedding favours

Spices definitely have a spot in everyone’s kitchen


wedding favours

In lieu of favors, a place card at every table explaining that you choose money to a charity that has a lot of significance for the both of you. This is heartwarming and thoughtful.


macaroon wedding favours        macaroon wedding favours

These are such pretty desserts that only need a box and a cute ribbon attached


Matches wedding favors

These are always handy in a home. Guests can use them to light a candle and more


candle wedding favour        candle wedding favour

People can always use candles at home.

Lotto ticket

lotto ticket wedding favour       lotto ticket wedding favour

Guests will love these. Package the tickets nicely- giving the tickets without packaging doesn’t look that great



This eco-friendly gesture is something guests will love.

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