Ideas to Personalize Your Indian Wedding

South Asian weddings are full of exciting celebration, colourful details and cultural history. Many Indian brides and grooms today are choosing to add personal details to their celebrations. They want to show their personalities and add a surprising twist to the festivities for their guests while still respecting the traditions of their culture.

Here are some great ideas to help you personalize your Indian wedding.

Henna tattoo station.


You and your close female family members will be adorned with henna at your mehndi ceremony before the wedding day. Why not have a mehndi artist at the wedding to adorn your other guests as well? Female guests, and even a few male guests will love the idea of getting a henna tattoo. It will help the non-Indian guests feel a part of the cultural celebration, and they will leave with a lovely memento of your wedding day.

Henna inspired patterns.

Henna cake design

Henna aisle runner Henna candle designs Henna cookie design

Keep the intricate patterns of the henna going into the décor design. Your wedding cake, table runners, invitations and fabric aisle runner can be adorned in a custom pattern to tie in all the details. Find some beautiful fabric with a pattern you like, and have them sewn into table runners for all of the tables. Take that same fabric to your baker and printers so they can mimic the pattern on the wedding cake and invitations. Finally, ask your florist to mimic the pattern with rose petals on your aisle runner.

Performance at the Sangeet.

Bhangra Dancers on Sangeet Night

While the Sangeet is always a celebratory affair, with plenty of dancing and singing, some couples are opting to hire professional dancers to perform a surprise performance. Your guests sit back and relax while watching a professional choreographed dance number – often very theatrical with special lighting and effects to create a dramatic atmosphere.

Chandelier in the Mandap.


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The mandap is a very important feature to every Indian wedding. Often draped in colourful fabric and adorned with beautiful colourful flowers, every bride wants the perfect mandap for her ceremony. Some mandaps can get very extravagant – with flowing garlands and dramatic staging. A simple way to add a unique touch without having to spend a lot of money is to add a crystal chandelier to the center. The crystals and light will be a stunning detail to any mandap.

 Have Dohl players perform at the reception.

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Normally the Dohl players will accompany the groom for his Baraat, but why stop there! Have the Dohl players entertain guests during the reception to add to the dancing and merriment. Better yet, have the Dohl players perform for your grand entrance into the reception.

Bangle Bar.

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You will be wearing your choora on the wedding day – beautiful bangles in red and white given to you by your uncle on the morning of your wedding. Why not set up a bangle bar so all of your female guests can adorn themselves in beautiful bangles. It’s a nice wedding favour for your female guests!

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