Your mehndi ceremony – one of the most important pre-wedding traditions for every Indian bride. Not only is it a customary part of the marriage ceremony, representing the bond of matrimony itself, it is a very important part of the bride’s beauty regimen. We specialize in South Asian weddings in the Toronto area, and we’ve worked with many brides wanting perfect dark mehndi. To see one of these weddings, click here to watch Harman and Kulveer’s wedding video. The video highlights Harman’s beautiful mehndi ceremony.

Tradition says that the darker the mehndi, the deeper the love the groom has for the bride. The application is a long process, so you want to ensure you’ve taken the proper steps. Here are some tips for achieving beautiful mehndi for your wedding day.

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Mehndi by Henna by Divya

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  • Book your mehndi artist weeks in advance.
  • Have an idea of the design that you want and provide pictures to the artist ahead of the appointment.
  • Do your research. Talk to friends and family for referrals, and make sure the artist uses only good quality henna.
  • Have your mehndi ceremony one to two days before the wedding day.

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  • Wash your hands and feet well with soap and water before the application as oils and dirt can minimize absorption of the mehndi into the skin.
  • Dress comfortably as you will be sitting for a long period of time while the mehndi is being applied.
  • Do not wave your hands around or use a blow dryer to try and dry the henna faster. This could spread the mehndi and ruin the design.
  • Be careful not to move while the mehndi is drying as it could get smudged.

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  • When your mehndi begins to dry, occasionally dab it with cotton balls soaked in lemon juice and sugar, but do not overuse as to ensure you do not dilute the henna.
  • Leave the mehndi on seven to eight hours before removing it.
  • Once completely dry, remove the mehndi and rub cooking oil over your hands and feet, and cover with cling wrap to further protect it.
  • Try not to get water on your hands and feet for at least twelve hours after it has been removed.

Following these tips will ensure beautiful mehndi for you on your wedding day.

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