Winter Wedding Ideas

While most brides prefer to have a summer wedding (23% of Canadian brides chose August to get married in 2015) there are still couples who choose to tie the knot between December and February. Either it’s a less busy time for their family and friends, or their venue is giving them a discount to host their wedding in the off season, or because they just love the look of snow in their wedding photos. Regardless, a winter wedding is something special.

There are certain things you can only do at a winter wedding – here are some great ideas that are perfect for wintery nuptials.

Fur Shawls

fa9a7cece368ddb34f2bf47fdf99d8e8Image: Blush Magazine

You just can’t dream of having a winter wedding without having fur shawls to keep you and your bridesmaids warm for those outdoor photos. Not only are they beautiful, but they will help to keep you and your maids warm when posing for those stunning photos in the snowy outdoors.

Hot Cocoa Station

hot chocolate stationimagine: Esty

Baby it’s gold outside! Warm up your guests by providing a hot cocoa station with all the fixings. Marshmallows, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, Irish Cream and coffee liquors are the perfect touch to a very special treat. Dress the table up with different glass containers and mirrored trays, sparkly accents in the centerpieces, and special glass coffee mugs. Cute signage is a must as well!

Horse and carriage.

Winter wedding

Image: Bridal Guide

Make your ceremony get away extra special. Nothing says winter more than you and your fiancé leaving the church, wrapped in warm blankets in a beautiful carriage pulled by horses. An extra bonus would be a soft dusting of falling snow – winter wonderland perfection!

Cute mittens for the wedding party.

Winter mittens

Image: Pinterest

Like I said, there are a few details that you can only get away doing at a winter wedding, and cute mittens for the entire wedding party is one of them. Not only will they help to keep everyone’s hands warm when running from the church to the reception, they will also make for some awesome photo ops!

Tie in the food.

Mini Gill cheese   Mash Potato bar  Poutine station

images: Pinterest

Bring the wintery theme into the menu with comfort food to warm-up your guests. Serving hors d’oeuvres like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese are sure to set the tone. Mashed potato bars and poutine stations are a crowd favourite, and a warm dessert is the perfect way to finish off a wintery menu.

Icy Signature cocktails.

Champagne Cocktails  Chilled Cocoa Martini  Champagne and Berries

Images: Pinterest

Most weddings will have a signature cocktail or two for their reception. Having a wedding in winter gives you the option to do something really different! A hot toddy made with bourbon will warm those cold bones, or an icy chilled martini will have your guests loving your wintery theme.


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